The internet is a scary place

This kind of idiocy is amazing. The funny thing is that the author of the article goes on about what an “internet veteran” this Bruce guy is, and how he’s “not your typical Net scam victim”. Oh, but apparently he is. But he’s discussed internet crime with his friend at the FBI! What a guy! Seriously, though, if the guy did his research on cars at all, he’d know that there’s no way in hell he’d get a 2002 M5 for $55,000, and if he was so net-savvy, he’d also be smart enough to do some research on a third-party escrow service before using it (but they had a direct link to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center! If you can’t base your trust on an HTML hyperlink created by a complete stranger, what can you base it on?!).

Stupid people tick me off. Bruce Lachot should be fired from the internet.