Packing Up

I am moving at the end of next month and I have a lot to pack. Right now I’m living in a 2 bedroom apartment and it is stuffed to the gills with all my stuff. I thought about getting a storage unit but never got around to it. The good  news is my new place actually has a free one so I’ll be able to put a lot of things in there.

My friend Jackie lives in the complex I’m moving to so that will be nice. We aren’t best friends or anything but hang out a lot. It will just be nice to already know somebody there.

I got my order of shipping containers in today which means it is time to start packing.  I guess my parents are going to help me move but that isn’t official yet. My Dad said he would at least. My Mom never knows what she is doing until the last possible second but I’m sure she will help out too. I went out with her last night for dinner. We went to this new sushi restaurant downtown and it was great. I will definitely be going back there.

I am sort of a food nut and love eating out at new places. This coming weekend I’m going to this new Brazilian steakhouse with my friend Eric. He invited me because he knows I love going out and I of course accepted his offer. The nice thing about going out with him is he will pay even though we are just friends. He makes enough money that I don’t feel guilty about it either. He works for a brokerage firm downtown and drives a brand new Mercedes Benz. He gets a new one every year which must be nice. I feel a little embarrassed when we take my car as I drive a Hyundai Sonata. It is a nice car for me but it isn’t anything close to what he drives.

That is about all I have going on at the moment. I need to wrap this up soon so I can start packing. I dread it but I figure if I start now I won’t have to rush through it all. That is what happened last time I moved and it was a nightmare. I only had 2 days to get all my stuff together and told myself I would never go through that again.