Back Out to the Burbs

Well, it looks like I’m gonna be moving back to the suburbs.  I’ve enjoyed my last 5 years here in the city, but I was recently offered a job in the burbs that I can’t pass up.

I’m a bit worried, though.  Let me explain.  I grew up in the suburbs, and even at my first job after college, I still lived in the burbs.  I had some friends who were always city people, but I was pretty comfortable where I was.  The city always seemed like a lot of effort, and it was a lot more expensive, too.  Over the years, some of my friends slowly started moving to the city for work, and it was always the same type of thing; it was always people who always had the same objections as me.  And almost all of them would eventually tell me that living in the city was awesome and I had to move there.

“Trust me.  Everyone who says they love it here, they’re not just being snobs.  It really is  awesome.”

But I think it’s the type of thing you can’t explain if you haven’t actually lived there.  I had been there many times, either visiting my friends, or with a group of friends from the burbs, and we were always like “it’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.”

We were just intimidated.

Living in the city is awesome.

In a few months I became a full fledged “city person.”  It was exciting.  There were always people around.  There is always stuff to do.  I sold my truck.  I took public transportation or I walked everywhere.  The restaurants are great.  The social scene is amazing.  There are museums and concerts and art galleries.

It got to the point where I would go visit my family in the suburbs and be before and want to leave after a day or two.

But now I’m moving there again with an awesome job.  I’m going to have to start driving again.  I’ve been looking at cuz I need to get a vehicle in the next week or so.  I hope I’m not bored at the lack of stuff to do when I move there.  People here joke that moving to the burbs is for boring married people.  I’m not married yet, and I hope I’m not boring.  Or, I hope I don’t become boring.  I guess we will see.