The Travel Bug

Well, I’m in vacation mode now.  After that last entry I made where I was talking about how I want to take a vacation, it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been thinking about. Heh.  I’m thinking about the places I want to go.  I think it would be awesome to go somewhere that is halfway around the world.  I mean, after going to Costa Rica, which is another country but still pretty close to home, I’m gonna want to go to Europe or Asia or something.  I think I have the travel bug.  I’d like to go to Europe and visit Amsterdam, take a ride in a gondola in Italy, and visit a brewery in Germany.  Or maybe go visit the great wall in China, go see a Muay Thai fight in Thailand, or relax on the beach in Indonesia.  I recently learned that Indonesia is really a group of islands and you have to fly or take a boat to get from one to the other, so if I go there I’d probably travel across the different islands and stay at a different hotel on each one.  I’d find a hotel Bandung and plan my activities there and then head over to the next island, etc.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get enough PTO from work to do all this traveling, though.  I usually have a lot of vacation time available but I’m always kind of hesitant to take it because I always feel like I’m gonna get behind or miss something important and then be behind when I come back.  I hate that feeling.  I worked at a company like that in the past where they would give you a lot of time off but you could never really use any of it because it was always so busy.  The worst part was if you wanted to use it you would have to do extra work ahead of time.  So say you wanted to take Thursday and Friday off, you would probably end up working 40 hours Monday through Wednesday and then having to use your paid time off on Thursday and Friday, anyway.  So you basically worked the same amount you would’ve worked anyway and had to use vacation time.  No thanks.  I think that’s probably why no one ever went on vacation there.

My current job is better, though, and as I said I plan on going somewhere this year just to expand my horizons.