Socializing Online

Facebook is one of the things that has made a big change to how the internet is used.  Well, first it was MySpace, but I don’t think anyone even uses that anymore.  And then slowly everyone went over to Facebook and now that’s what everyone does.  They post about what they’re up to, what they want to share, and that kind of thing.  It’s almost like it’s replacing the time you spend with your friends.  No one seems to call each other anymore, they either text or send a message online.  It’s crazy, and I think that it’s easier to use online media to do that because it’s less personal and therefore less afraid, especially when you think about people having anxiety and stuff.  Although I don’t know, it seems like you get used to doing it one way and then you only want to send people messages.  It’s also convenient, though.  Calling someone requires that you are both available at that moment to talk on the phone, but if you’re going to send someone a message you can do that quickly and then they can get it when they are able to.  So it’s easier in that way.

I have noticed that a lot of stores and stuff online want you to “like ” them on social media.  It’s as if they have to get a lot of likes in order to be considered trendy.  There is even a buy Facebook fans review site you may use to buy Facebook likes for your page to make it seem like everyone thinks you’re page is great.  I’m not sure why I would ever want to do that but it’s interesting to know the option is there.  I think that might be more for like marketing and stuff, though.  The internet is designed so that good posts and stuff are supposed to get shared and I don’t know how buying stuff will affect that.  It’s something that I found out about and was kind of surprised but then I realized that it actually kind of makes sense.  There are also places you can go to make your posts a certain way to try and get more people to want to post them on their own page.  I think when you’re trying like that it kind of takes some of the personality out of it, but I guess that’s what marketing is all about in some sense.