Just got back from Akihabara… I picked up some Sony MDR-F1 headphones, and a Panasonic SL-CT800 portable MP3/WMA/CD player. The headphones are excellent so far… Great sound and ultra-comfortable (and I paid $160 for them, when the MSRP is $299). They are, by far, the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever put on my head, and from the reviews I’ve read, others agree. The CD player is pretty nifty, too – it’s super small, able to play MP3 discs, and the skip protection seems pretty great. I do wish the remote control thing was better, though – it has play and stop buttons, but no pause. Also, you can’t seek with the forward/reverse buttons. I think the Sony player I was looking at would have been a bit nicer in that respect, but it didn’t play MP3s and it cost more.

But now it’s midnight, and I’ve gotta work tomorrow, so it’s sleep for me.