Romney’s Angry Bird

Watching the debate last night between Obama and Romney was quite an event; not only was I watching it on TV, but I also was simultaneously browsing some threads on a few of my favorite internet forums, and receiving a bunch of tweets on my phone from people who were also watching the debates.

The forums are hilarious.  The presidential debate threads go so fast, too.  Within the first 20 minutes it was already on page 15.  Any time either candidate said anything, supporters from the opposite side were quick to jump in with massive sarcastic flaming.  I know some of the comments were only half-serious, but sometimes they make me laugh.  People love to call out the candidates on their lies (or what they think are lies), or talk about how a plan that sounds good on the surface is actually just a cover for a terrible idea.

I don’t really participate in those threads; I just read them for the most part.  It’s comedy.

I’m not gonna lie, though.  I started to get bored a bit into the debate and since I already had my phone out for all the tweets (Twitter blows up during presidential debates!), or maybe it was subconscious from knowing that Mitt Romney hates Big Bird, but I figured I would play some Angry Birds and just passively listen to the debate, pausing to watch if they said anything that really piqued my interest.  I just recently downloaded another version of that game called Angry Birds Seasons that is significantly harder than the original.  I made it through most of the levels in the original one within a few weeks, but I’m still stuck on the first set of levels of this.  Seriously, I downloaded it a few weeks ago and I’m still in the “Moon Festival” levels.  I don’t know why this one is so hard but it is.  The original one had a frustrating level every now and again that took like 20 or 30 tries to beat it… you know, like the levels where you have to get the bird exactly in the right spot and it just takes a bunch of tries to do it.  Those are fine every so often.  But the Seasons version is like that all the time, and some of the levels I feel like they don’t even give you enough birds to complete it (which basically means I don’t know where I’m supposed to put them).  It’s bordering on too frustrating to play, and I’m trying to resist the urge to watch videos online of how to beat the levels.  Although probably not for much longer 🙂