My Wireless Network

It’s kind of interesting to think about how much we use the online world for everything regardless of what we’re doing.  I know there are a few people who don’t use it that much, but I think most people do, and I know just about everyone I know does.  One of the things I have been doing recently is reading a lot of stuff online about cool new electronics and things.  I like to stay up to date on the new processors and everything that are coming out.  It’s not that I’m necessarily looking for a new computer myself, but I do like to see what is out there.  The one I have is pretty good for what I need it for, I mean, it’s not the most up to date system in the world but it’s still perfect for what I need to use it for and I don’t even know what I would want to get if I were to get a new one.  Now that may change if I see something that I think would be better, but like I said I like the desktop I have now.

One thing that I am looking to get is a new router.  We have an older slower one right now and there are a few people here who need to use wireless on their laptops and I think that a new router would help out.  So basically I’ve been reading different reviews online to try and find the one that I think would work the best and I also want to get something faster than the one I have.  For our wireless we’ve been using an 802.11n router and I want to get an 802.11ac router instead.  They are supposed to be faster and I don’t think you can ever have too fast of data transfer when it comes to surfing the internet.  So according to this Netgear r6300 review I found, that one might be what I want.  I still have to read some more opinions online and then I will probably go to or another site and order it.  I generally order stuff like that because then I don’t have to pay tax like I would if I were to buy it at the local store, even though I do like shoping at the stores around here.  If they price match then that’s cool, but some places don’t, so I’ll just get it from an online store instead.  But as I said, I still need to read a bit more about it.