Doing Stuff

Some of the things we have been talking about doing in places we would like to go.  So for example we were thinking about going to a place where you can go bicycling around because that is something that is cool.  There are a few places that would be cool for that and it’s really just a matter of the place that would be interesting to go.  Because if you’re going to be doing that kind of thing you want to make sure you’re a location that you prefer.  Bu with a few of the places that would work for that it’s something that we can do pretty easily I think.  The other thing we were talking about was going horseback riding because that is something that we would like to do and ti think it’s mostly that we are going to see if there is  place like that.  But essentially because that is something we would select it’s going to be the sort of thing that we are going to look into seeing.  And if we can find a place where we would enjoy doing it, that would be even better.  Going to Ireland would be pretty interesting and there is a place where you can take an Ireland horse back riding course and that would basic be the thing that we should like. So that’s something we’re looking into and it’s going to be something that is fun.

But if we are going to do that we’re going to have to see if there is anything else we should do while we are there.  Because you know we are thinking about visiting that place and it’s basically the kind of thing that we would like.  So that is why we we are going to see if there is anything else that is going on and that would be pretty interesting to do.  As far as this goes, however, I think it would be cool.  I would like to learn to ride a horse and that would probably be an open spot where I could do it.  But there are a few other things that would be cool but this is basically the important thing I would enjoy.  And that is part of the reason I want to go and the other reason is because I think it would just be awesome to do something like that.  So that’s why we have been thinking about it because we are trying to think of things that would work really smoothly along the angle that we want to do.  Mostly though, that just should be good and awesome.