Doing Stuff

Some of the things we have been talking about doing in places we would like to go.  So for example we were thinking about going to a place where you can go bicycling around because that is something that is cool.  There are a few places that would be cool for that and it’s really just a matter of the place that would be interesting to go.  Because if you’re going to be doing that kind of thing you want to make sure you’re a location that you prefer.  Bu with a few of the places that would work for that it’s something that we can do pretty easily I think.  The other thing we were talking about was going horseback riding because that is something that we would like to do and ti think it’s mostly that we are going to see if there is  place like that.  But essentially because that is something we would select it’s going to be the sort of thing that we are going to look into seeing.  And if we can find a place where we would enjoy doing it, that would be even better.  Going to Ireland would be pretty interesting and there is a place where you can take an Ireland horse back riding course and that would basic be the thing that we should like. So that’s something we’re looking into and it’s going to be something that is fun.

But if we are going to do that we’re going to have to see if there is anything else we should do while we are there.  Because you know we are thinking about visiting that place and it’s basically the kind of thing that we would like.  So that is why we we are going to see if there is anything else that is going on and that would be pretty interesting to do.  As far as this goes, however, I think it would be cool.  I would like to learn to ride a horse and that would probably be an open spot where I could do it.  But there are a few other things that would be cool but this is basically the important thing I would enjoy.  And that is part of the reason I want to go and the other reason is because I think it would just be awesome to do something like that.  So that’s why we have been thinking about it because we are trying to think of things that would work really smoothly along the angle that we want to do.  Mostly though, that just should be good and awesome.

Busy stuff

Getting all of the things I need to do finished has been a bit of a task because I am thinking that there are these options for how I want to do things and it’s not really something that I can just be like I want to do these because I need to consider everything I am doing. One of those things is getting everything figured out with regard to my book collection set up. I have so many and I don’t know what I’m going to do about them. I was looking at some other option as far as my recipes and stuff go because I Have a lot but they’re just kind of things I typed out and they are in my kitchen and I Need to get them in a place where I can do them. Or at least use them. So basically the other thing is I am trying to get some information about various health plans. There are things like regular plans which I think I want and then I Can Direct has some other options and I think those might be beneficial but it’s not what I am considering. So basically then it’s just like there are some many things I need to do and I don’t really know what I am going to do about all this. Just the other things that I was thinking of are kind of related but I don’t know if I’m actually going to be doing those because I have so many things that I am thinking of. The other thing that I was going to do is going to the store to see if I can find a way to get some of the things I need without having to get them all at the same place. It’s not that I don’t like what we have here but there are some different option at different areas and I want to make sure that what I get is what will work for me. Ugh, I feel like I”m just saying all of this stuff right now and I’m not really sure how any of this is going to go down. But basically the ting is just that I have some things I Need to do and that is pretty much what I should be doing because I don’t want to have them still there and needing to be done when I am supposed to be doing other things. This is going to have to be the thing that I do first because otherwise I probably won’t get to the rest of what I like.

All these channels

Having limited choices when it comes to tv sucks. I mean, you can get cable, but they aren’t very good because there aren’t too many other providers and they know it so they basically just negotiate change with you for whatever rates they want and you don’t have much choice. That is why I was looking for something else. The other thing I found was uverse from att and they have some decent plans although it might not be quite as expansive as cable, it’s a good option and there are some other things I Can get. So I was thinking about looking at coupon codes for att uverse and seeing if any of them would work because that would let me get an even better price. And I think the the one thing I want to do is get something that will work because I like to be able to have the shows and stuff I enjoy and not have to worry about whatever the cable company is going to do. And there is the option of watching them in other formats but I don’t really want to do that. So that is what I was looking for.

The other thing I was thinking about doing was getting some stuff for my kitchen because I really need to find some stuff that I should use. The thing is that my kitchen is kind of small and I don’t have a lot of storage so I”m going to have to see if I can get some stuff that will work. The best part though is that there is a place where I Can get the stuff I need and I think that I”m going to have to see if I can find the stuff. My idea is to get as many things as I can that will still work without having to use too much because I like to keep things kind of contemporary and that is the design I am going for. So that’ is really what I have been t concentrating on and I don’t know if there is anything else that I am thinking about but mostly it’s just that and so if this seems a bit crazy it’s because I wasn’t really sure of how it was going to all happen. The other thing I wanted to do was see if I could get some of these clothes put away but that is something that I will need to do because I”m not sure how to put them all away in a way that I can find them easily.

My Wireless Network

It’s kind of interesting to think about how much we use the online world for everything regardless of what we’re doing.  I know there are a few people who don’t use it that much, but I think most people do, and I know just about everyone I know does.  One of the things I have been doing recently is reading a lot of stuff online about cool new electronics and things.  I like to stay up to date on the new processors and everything that are coming out.  It’s not that I’m necessarily looking for a new computer myself, but I do like to see what is out there.  The one I have is pretty good for what I need it for, I mean, it’s not the most up to date system in the world but it’s still perfect for what I need to use it for and I don’t even know what I would want to get if I were to get a new one.  Now that may change if I see something that I think would be better, but like I said I like the desktop I have now.

One thing that I am looking to get is a new router.  We have an older slower one right now and there are a few people here who need to use wireless on their laptops and I think that a new router would help out.  So basically I’ve been reading different reviews online to try and find the one that I think would work the best and I also want to get something faster than the one I have.  For our wireless we’ve been using an 802.11n router and I want to get an 802.11ac router instead.  They are supposed to be faster and I don’t think you can ever have too fast of data transfer when it comes to surfing the internet.  So according to this Netgear r6300 review I found, that one might be what I want.  I still have to read some more opinions online and then I will probably go to or another site and order it.  I generally order stuff like that because then I don’t have to pay tax like I would if I were to buy it at the local store, even though I do like shoping at the stores around here.  If they price match then that’s cool, but some places don’t, so I’ll just get it from an online store instead.  But as I said, I still need to read a bit more about it.

Lease Or Buy?

I think that I’m going to try and get over to the car place today and see if I can find any good deals on Mercedes C Class.  I’ve been driving a Toyota Corolla for a while and it’s been a really great car but I think that I am going to get something else.  It’s not that I need a new car, it’s just that I’ve been thinking about getting something a little different.  One of the things I’ve been thinking about that I haven’t done before is leasing this car.  I haven’t done that before but it seems like it might be one way to handle this type of thing.  I don’t think that I want to buy the car because I’m not sure if I’ll want to keep this car and I know that with a lease you can give it back after the terms of the lease expire.  So that might be the best option here, plus I might want another car or something.  So I’m going to look and see what I can find at the place around here and I’m also going to look online at Mercedes C Class lease deals because I know there are some specials online that you can’t get in person.   It’s interesting, though, because I’ve never really thought about doing this before.  But I saw a Mercedes that I really liked and I’m going to see if I can get one.  I’m not even really that much of a car person, to be honest.  I mean, I like car and stuff but I don’t really get into them the way some people do, although I do watch a few car shows and stuff.  I like looking at them but I don’t really think about them all the time.  But when I saw that Mercedes that I wanted I decided that it was something that I wanted to try and buy.  Except I don’t mean “buy,” because like I said I’m going to try not to buy it.  But I’m definitely looking at getting one and seeing if I like it.  I probably should wait until I drive it since I haven’t ever been inside a Mercedes before, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to like it.  I mean they’re designed with comfort and stuff in mind, right?  And performance.  That’s why i want it.  I just think that it would be something I like driving and that’s why I’m going to see if I can get one.  But first I need to see what’s available.  I’m going to try and find one that is the right price.

Socializing Online

Facebook is one of the things that has made a big change to how the internet is used.  Well, first it was MySpace, but I don’t think anyone even uses that anymore.  And then slowly everyone went over to Facebook and now that’s what everyone does.  They post about what they’re up to, what they want to share, and that kind of thing.  It’s almost like it’s replacing the time you spend with your friends.  No one seems to call each other anymore, they either text or send a message online.  It’s crazy, and I think that it’s easier to use online media to do that because it’s less personal and therefore less afraid, especially when you think about people having anxiety and stuff.  Although I don’t know, it seems like you get used to doing it one way and then you only want to send people messages.  It’s also convenient, though.  Calling someone requires that you are both available at that moment to talk on the phone, but if you’re going to send someone a message you can do that quickly and then they can get it when they are able to.  So it’s easier in that way.

I have noticed that a lot of stores and stuff online want you to “like ” them on social media.  It’s as if they have to get a lot of likes in order to be considered trendy.  There is even a buy Facebook fans review site you may use to buy Facebook likes for your page to make it seem like everyone thinks you’re page is great.  I’m not sure why I would ever want to do that but it’s interesting to know the option is there.  I think that might be more for like marketing and stuff, though.  The internet is designed so that good posts and stuff are supposed to get shared and I don’t know how buying stuff will affect that.  It’s something that I found out about and was kind of surprised but then I realized that it actually kind of makes sense.  There are also places you can go to make your posts a certain way to try and get more people to want to post them on their own page.  I think when you’re trying like that it kind of takes some of the personality out of it, but I guess that’s what marketing is all about in some sense.

Sleep Another Way

My friend has been talking to me about trying to stop snoring.  I don’t know how any of that stuff works but apparently he said there is this mouthpiece you can get and you wear it at night when you sleep and it’s supposed to move your mouth in a certain position so that you don’t snore or something.  I don’t know.  I’ve been accused of snoring but i think it was just as a joke because it was by someone who was mad at me.  So anyway I told my friend that he should just get a different bed or something but he said that his girlfriend likes the mattress they have now and she doesn’t want him to change it.  So I guess he has to come up with another way to stop from keeping her up.  The other thing I was reading about since I’ve been doing some research for him is that there are a few different things you can do that might help you stop.  There’s the mouthpieces like I mentioned, and there is a special pillow that is supposed to hold your head in a certain way, and I guess that sleeping on your back isn’t supposed to help.  I will have to check out this site and see what Aaron says about mouthpieces and then show my friend.  I think he’s going to try a few things and see if any of them help.  I’m not sure what he should do, though, because I guess he’s the only person I know of who has told me they are trying to stop snoring.

I also want to talk to my friend and see if he wants to go to this concert with me.  One of our favorite bands is going to be playing here and I definitely want to go but concerts are always more fun if you bring a friend so I’m going to see if he wants to go with me since we usually go to concerts together, anyway.  I always bring some clothes to change into afterward because I tend to jump around a lot and get kind of gross so I like putting on a clean shirt when the concert is over.  I don’t think that’s too nasty, though, as it seems that a lot of people have the same issue.  It’s just something that happens at concerts.  Anyway, my friend and I are going to go hopefully and rock out to some songs that we actually know the music for and knowing the songs at a concert is clearly the best way to do it when you’re showing up to see your favorite group.

Going To See This New School

I am going to call this karate school that I saw and see what they are all about.  I have heard that you should always make sure a school is decent before you join.  I suppose that prevents you from being in class with people you don’t like, or like if the school isn’t run correctly or something.  I have never trained at a dojo like that before so I do want to call them and make sure everything is ok.  I think it’s pretty cool some of the stuff that I’ve seen in martial arts books and I want to learn how to do it.  Not just so that I can defend myself but also so that i can get in good shape.  I’m not very flexible, either, and I think that it wows people when they see that you are really flexible so if I am able to kick high or do something alike that it would be pretty cool.  But I also want to make sure that I don’t go crazy and burn myself out.  I am going to need some karate equipment that I will probably get from but I need to talk to the teacher first and see if they provide the stuff or if I have to buy my own or what.  I’m also going to wonder if there is any kind of sparring or anything that goes on there or if it’s just drills.  I would like to spar because I’ve heard it’s important but if they don’t spar that’s ok too because I will still learn the techniques.  I also think that I’m going to have to get a new set of t-shirts to work out in because I don’t wanna use these.  I sweat a lot when I exercise and I’m pretty sure that doing karate is going to be the same and if I sweat thorough all the clothes I have right now that would suck.  So I’m gonna get something that I can wear and I guess people wear something under their uniform but maybe not?  I’ll have to ask the teacher.  It might be a good idea, too, to see if any of my friends have studied karate so they can tell me what to expect.  I have wondered if karate classes are a lot of fun or if they are hard work or maybe both, so I think that if I can find out how it’s going to be that would make me ready to start training but I also think that it probably varies and different schools do it different ways so since there is probably some room for each place to do it their own way I’ll probably just have to see how this school does it when I go there, but I bet it’s by class, too, like the beginner class is probably different than the experienced class, so that probably is another thing to consider.

The Travel Bug

Well, I’m in vacation mode now.  After that last entry I made where I was talking about how I want to take a vacation, it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been thinking about. Heh.  I’m thinking about the places I want to go.  I think it would be awesome to go somewhere that is halfway around the world.  I mean, after going to Costa Rica, which is another country but still pretty close to home, I’m gonna want to go to Europe or Asia or something.  I think I have the travel bug.  I’d like to go to Europe and visit Amsterdam, take a ride in a gondola in Italy, and visit a brewery in Germany.  Or maybe go visit the great wall in China, go see a Muay Thai fight in Thailand, or relax on the beach in Indonesia.  I recently learned that Indonesia is really a group of islands and you have to fly or take a boat to get from one to the other, so if I go there I’d probably travel across the different islands and stay at a different hotel on each one.  I’d find a hotel Bandung and plan my activities there and then head over to the next island, etc.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get enough PTO from work to do all this traveling, though.  I usually have a lot of vacation time available but I’m always kind of hesitant to take it because I always feel like I’m gonna get behind or miss something important and then be behind when I come back.  I hate that feeling.  I worked at a company like that in the past where they would give you a lot of time off but you could never really use any of it because it was always so busy.  The worst part was if you wanted to use it you would have to do extra work ahead of time.  So say you wanted to take Thursday and Friday off, you would probably end up working 40 hours Monday through Wednesday and then having to use your paid time off on Thursday and Friday, anyway.  So you basically worked the same amount you would’ve worked anyway and had to use vacation time.  No thanks.  I think that’s probably why no one ever went on vacation there.

My current job is better, though, and as I said I plan on going somewhere this year just to expand my horizons.

Taking a Vacation This Year

Many people seem to take vacations every summer.  Our family never seemed to, though.  Growing up, my friends would always go somewhere each summer and then when school started the following year the teacher would always have us write papers about what we did over the summer, and they’d always have these stories to tell.  I can really only remember a few places that we went.  I’m not sure why.  I think maybe my parents just didn’t like to travel much.  It seems that people do the same things into adulthood, too.  Most of my coworkers take a vacation each summer, but I never really have.  As I’m approaching middle age, now, I think it’s time I change that habit!

This summer I’m going to go somewhere and do something awesome.  I still haven’t decided where I want to go, although I am leaning very heavily toward this luxury surf resort in Costa Rica I read about.  Basically it’s a little resort you go to for a week and learn to surf, except when you’re not surfing you can chill on the beach, go shopping, get massages, and just relax and enjoy the scenery.  So it’s basically like a tropical vacation designed around learning to surf.

Growing up in a non-coastal state it’s not like I really ever had the opportunity to go surfing.  I’ve seen people doing it on TV but that’s about it.  I have a few friends who have gone surfing and they said it’s tons of fun.  So I figure why not give it a try?  It will be like a combo of going on vacation and learning to do something that I’ve always wanted to do.

Then when people at work ask me “where was your last vacation?” I’ll actually have an awesome story to tell them other than “uh… I don’t really go on vacation that much.  Saving that PTO.”  Actually, I have used a bunch of my PTO at work but it was usually because I had something I needed to do at home or because I wanted to visit someone who lived far away, but neither of those really classifies as a “vacation.”  My company has a “user it or lose it” policy regarding PTO anyway, so I figured I need to use it for something.  It’s be silly to let paid time off expire.  I might as well just take a staycation and have a Star Trek marathon or something so at least I’m using it up!